Gary & Addie Heferle




The Newest Little Mycologist


Meeting Mushroom Extraordinaire Paul Stamets

Fresh from the Farm Fungi LLC was founded in June 2018 in Denver, Colorado. Originally from the Syracuse and Buffalo areas of New York, we met in college and soon after graduating, followed bigger dreams that led us to Denver in October 2013.

Gary received his Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from the University at Buffalo and since graduating has accumulated extensive knowledge in a wide variety of laboratory settings that range from blood banking, stem cell harvesting, tissue culture and quality control testing; some of which were overseen by our own Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

He has always had a passion for gardening, plants and nature; and along with his microbiology background blossomed a love and enthusiasm for mushrooms (he's a pretty fun guy!)

So after spending years working in the corporate world, we decided it was time for Gary to start stepping away from the "9-5 grind" and start putting all that hard work and effort into something we have always dreamed of; starting our own business. We started from square one and even though it has been extremely challenging, it has been simultaneously unbelievably rewarding!

Now going strong into our fifth year, Addie has joined the family mushroom business full time to kick off the 2023 season after spending 12 years in the insurance industry. We also added a new little mycologist to our family in December, Nolan, who will be seen along side us for all our future mushroom endeavors!

And finally, we are in the process of finishing our new mushroom quonset to expand our small business in Sedalia, CO; about 30 minutes south of Denver. We are very excited to offer such exceptional produce and are honored to serve the Denver metro area! We are always looking forward to meeting our next customer, which we hope is you!


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