Fresh from the Farm Fungi uses locally sourced products to sustain our gourmet mushrooms.

Sawdust: Unlike other mushrooms that require compost for food, our mushrooms grow on high quality, rich and dense hard woods.  We receive our sawdust from a few different local wood workers in Denver - Collector's Specialty Woods is one in particular and they specialize in a carefully acquired inventory of trees from all over the world (Oak, Elm, Sycamore and Maple just to name a few). Each tree pairs with a favorable mushroom type to offer a subtle and unique flavor profile that you can taste once harvested! Fascinating!

Honey: Of course we only use the finest local honey that Denver has to offer! Our mushrooms LOVE *Bjorn's Colorado Honey* and you can really see the difference in using such a pure and raw form of honey versus other honey we have tried in the past!

Substrate materials used to grow gourmet mushrooms