Whether you are painting a picture, brewing beer, or growing mushrooms, the final product heavily relies on ingredients.  In mushroom cultivation, the ingredients, or “substrates” are often overlooked.  Many mushroom cultivars don’t even produce their own blocks and buy pre-spawned substrates that are ready to fruit.  This is a fundamental difference in our core operation because we take full responsibility to produce every batch of mushrooms with our full intent to deliver optimum flavors.  In order to have complete control one must not only know what substrates are being used, but where they are acquiring the ingredients and of what quality they are.  Since we began Fresh from the Farm Fungi we only have used locally sourced, fresh, high quality substrates.  Furthermore, the endeavor to find better and better substrates has lead us down a deep rabbit hole worth discussing.  The questions that began to surface revolved around wood types, saw dust textures, ages of substrates and combinations of all three.  We have created various “house blends” of local hardwood trees, and have been striving to continuously improve of this mix.   Here at the farm, we now have a “saw dust pantry” as a chef may have a pantry for cooking, we have a pantry for Feeding our Mushrooms!  We have been working diligently to observe each substrate’s specific flavor profiles and strive to bring out traits within an individual strain.  It has now become one of our underlying goals here at Fresh from the Farm Fungi, to produce even higher quality, more refined substrates that will elevate our favorite mushrooms so that you can taste the differences between Local Elmwood and Silver Maple (which both have their subtleties).

Mushlove –

Gary Heferle Owner,

Fresh from the Farm Fungi

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