mushroom growing instructor
Our first class lecture on the health benefits of mushrooms

As the Shroom Boom continues to blossom in Denver, CO, I am astounded by how many of the mycophiles out there are coming to fruition!  Everyone seems to be learning about the benefits of these magnificent organisms and the momentum continues to move ahead.  I had the pleasure to meet a good friend of mine last year at one of my presentations on the health benefits of mushrooms (SEE HEALTH PAGE FOR SOME MORE INFO) and this relationship has grown into a full on collaboration in teaching the ways of mycology.  Zach Kiser, owner and founder of “Mushroom Cult” had been teaching some hands on classes at Colorado Free University and we decided to combine our expertise and collaborate on some mushroom workshops.  This decision has proven to be a success and I am glad to announce that our future classes and schedules can be found on the Mushroom Cult Pro Facebook account – or follow our social media accounts as we make updates regularly.  Anyway, these classes have been very enjoyable and are helping to tackle one of our key goals here at Fresh from the Farm Fungi which is to spread the knowledge of this untapped field of mycology.

mycology mycophile
Gary Heferle shows the quality of home grown gourmet mushrooms

Classes at Mushroom Cult workshops are very hands on and I love to be there in support as our fellow mycology enthusiasts learn the basic skills of aseptic technique, agar, grain spawn and so on.  We have already networked with some very creative individuals and are learning just as much as our students with each class.  Every workshop has been a positive experience and the energy pours out as we instruct future mushroom growers to pursue their dreams of growing their very own fungi food at home!

mushroom workshop denver
Student clones first mushroom using SAB technique
mushroom class at the co-op
Full class of mycophiles hosted by Mushroom Cult

On top of the mushroom workshops, I have begun to put my thoughts into action on Youtube and created our very own instructional channel.  The goal here is to bring my lab skills to the individuals of youtube university and the rest of the interwebs to inspire more mycologists to take the leap and grow more mushrooms!  If you haven’t checked out our page yet, follow this link and leave your comments – we appreciate support and feedback!

My wish is to make this more of a staple of our focus and as we expand we plan on doing many more hands-on instructional workshops and even wish to create some sort of weekend course that we can really immerse ourselves in the process and surround ourselves in the mycelium!  If you are interested in joining such a class, or have any suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us via email and sign up for our newsletters as we are growing these classes we will keep everyone posted!


Thanks for following our journey as we continue to spread the mycelial network across Colorado and the planet!



Gary Heferle,

Owner, Fresh from the Farm Fungi

Littleton, CO

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