This is a photograph of a project going on in my neighborhood.  It is a new water pass way that was designed to help the flow of runoff water in the foothills and is a great concept.

Potential Mycoremediation Site: A newly developed water drain way in our neighborhood

I would love to see future projects like this one utilize fungi to help in the remediation of the ecosystem.  Adding specific species of mushroom spawn to the damaged area could help bring insects, select for a healthy microbiome and in turn would promote plant health and further life to the area.

Materials such as straw, burlap and stakes can be utilized in conjunction with mycelium to help inoculate this area with mushrooms thus sparking life in the damaged ecosystem.

Traditional methods of using straw and burlap are great foundations but take time and do not select for microorganisms that would ultimately thrive in the ecosystem. Fungi can help do this task and promote recovery.  Some fungi even help to eliminate or filter pathogens such as E. Coli and further efforts of mycoremediation should be taking place especially at prime time locations such as this!


Gary Heferle

Fresh from the Farm Fungi

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