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2019 Telluride Mushroom Festival

Turning the corner on our first year of business in the mushroom world, we attended the annual Telluride Mushroom Festival and it was a BLAST!  Highly recommended for any mushroom enthusiast, mushroom farmers or people vaguely interested in fungi.   We spent a short Thursday to a Sunday nestled in the lovely mountains of Telluride Colorado.  I recommend getting the all access pass as we did not get to do nearly everything we wanted even in the full 4 days! (ALWAYS NEXT YEAR!!)

gary and addie heferle telluride colorado
mushroom hunt in telluride colorado
porcini mushroom hunting
porcini hunting in telluride colorado

The festival opened with workshops, talks and a meet and greet where we got to network with some of our favorite mushroom people including some of the legendary mycologists and thought leaders (Tradd Cotter, Tony Shields and Art the director of the event who is the heart and soul as well).  One of the hardest parts of the whole festival was deciding what to spend our time doing (Soooo hard to choose between foraging in the beautiful meadows for Porcini or listening to the greatest mushroom minds speak in the historical lecture halls in town).  The festival then ended with a great parade celebrating all things mushrooms and a wonderful Keynote lecture by Tradd Cotter which highlighted his own journey’s growth from humble beginnings to the mushroom enterprise that is Mushroom Mountain. It was very inspirational! We will definitely be attending this festival year after year for as long as we can breathe – it was such a great experience and just the right motivation to keep up the growth into year two!

telluride mushroom fest colorado
2019 telluride mushroom festival



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