Our Gourmet Mushrooms begin their life on enriched media inside a sterile environment and finish in a clean, highly controlled indoor grow room.  Utilizing state of the art techniques we are able to maintain healthy growth from inoculation until fruiting. Our mushrooms are harvested at their ideal levels of maturity to help sustain a longer shelf life and procure optimum flavors.
Seasonally, we also work with a Certified Forager from the West Coast to provide our customers with the highest quality foraged fungi; an ever changing menu dictated by what nature is ready to supply!
Please contact us for availability and pricing.
Our cultivated gourmet mushrooms:


Albino Beech: Hypsizygus tessellatus

Bears Head: Hericium americanum

Black Pearl King Oyster: Pleurotus ostreatus - Hybrid

Blue Oyster: Pleurotus ostreatus

Brown Oyster: Pleurotus ostreatus

Chestnut: Pholiota adiposa

Colorado Oyster: Pleurotus ostreatus

Commercial Blue Oyster: Pleurotus ostreatus

Commercial Pink Oyster: Pleurotus djamor

Cordyceps: Cordyceps militaris

Enoki: Flammulina velutipes

Golden Oyster: Pleurotus citrinopileatus

Gray Oyster: Pleurotus ostreatus

King Oyster: Pleurotus eryngii

Lions Mane: Hericium erinaceus

Michigan Oyster: Pleurotus ostreatus

North Carolina Oyster: Pleurotus ostreatus

Pioppini: Cyclocybe aegerita

Reishi: Ganoderma lingzhi

Rosebud Pink Oyster: Pleurotus djamor

Shiitake: Lentinula edodes

Turkey Tail: Trametes versicolor

Turtle Shell Beech: Hypsizygus tessellatus

Certified, wild foraged mushrooms (we do not cultivate these... yet):

Chanterelle Golden: Cantharellus cibarius

Lobster: Hypomyces lactifluorum

Morel: Morchella conica



Porcini: Boletus edulis