Gary Heferle, Jr & Addie Heferle


Fresh from the Farm Fungi LLC began in June 2018 in Denver, CO. Originally from the Syracuse and Buffalo areas of New York, we met in college at the State University of New York at Geneseo and soon after graduating,  followed bigger dreams that lead us to Denver in October 2013. After a few years in the corporate world, we decided it was time to start stepping away from the "9-5 grind" and start putting all that hard work and effort into something we have always dreamed of; starting our own business. We started from the ground up and even though it has been extremely challenging, it has been simultaneously unbelievably rewarding! This is just the beginning of what we hope to accomplish in the near future and we are very excited to offer such exceptional produce! We are honored to serve the Denver metro area and we are always looking forward to meeting our next customer, which we hope is you!

Mission Statement

Our Mission at Fresh from the Farm Fungi is to bring premium quality gourmet mushrooms to the markets here in Denver, Colorado.  We achieve this by:
  • Seeking out local, rich and organic materials for cultivating flavorful and nutritious mushrooms
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  • Using sustainable practices to leave a minimal footprint on the Earth in order to preserve the environment for wild-sourced mushrooms
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  • Educating people about the wonderful world of Fungi
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Where it all began... -Gary Heferle, Jr

"The idea of opening Fresh from the Farm Fungi began a few years ago when my love for science and mycology collided with my passion for cooking and healthy eating. Upon making the exciting move from New York to Colorado in October 2013, I immediately gravitated towards the active community devoted to the great outdoors. Seeking initiation into the Colorado lifestyle, I quickly got my feet wet hiking the Front Range trails. When I wasn’t out exploring, I was working as a Microbiologist through a few different endeavors. Through the professions in tissue culture, quality control testing and stem cell cultivation I gained a great appreciation for the unseen living biomes that share our environment. While honing my microbiology skills in the lab, I started to notice the white mycelium lacing the delicate forest floors on my weekend getaway hikes. I started to observe various species of wild mushrooms popping up near streams and along wetland paths in the high country. I became more and more interested in the stories of friends finding mounds of Morels (Morchella Esculenta) or clusters of Chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius) while out hunting for elk in the late summer, before the fall storms brought in the first snow.

That first fall was enough to get my brain racing about the mysterious kingdom of Fungi. I started noticing mushrooms in dishes of all different foods. Being from New York, food is the staple of my day and I could not get enough information about gourmet varieties being used all over the world to elevate dishes with their pleasant aroma, vibrant colors and elegant flavors.

I began my own hunt for high quality mushrooms in the supermarkets here in Denver. After shopping around to every Whole Foods, Sprouts and King Soopers nearby, I could only get my hands on White Buttons or once in a while find a few packages of Portobello. I failed to find any of the exotic varieties. After limited success in hunting the supermarkets, I decided to put my mycology skills to the test and cultivate my own gourmet mushrooms at home. My first attempt was at White Buttons, which I thought would be simple since, “Hey, they are everywhere in grocery stores, so they must be easy!” I got my spawn off of Amazon and plopped the grain into some freshly mixed compost. I waited and waited with no success. The New Yorker in me did not want to quit after one failed attempt. Instead, I went the opposite direction. I built up a repertoire of various strains, (Lions Mane, Shiitake, Oysters) and tried a shotgun approach of using various methods and taking any advice and tips that I could find. AHA! My first spawn jar colonized and I caught the itch. I knew from that day forward I would be growing mushrooms in any container I could get my hands on to fit in my small incubator. The rest is history."

Gary Heferle, Jr

Founder/Owner of Fresh from the Farm Fungi LLC

Paul Stamets Gary Heferle Host Defense Fungi Perfecti

Meeting Mushroom Extraordinaire Paul Stamets

Here is a look inside our fruiting rooms where we grow all of our fresh fungi!