Bold Flavors

Our fresh fungi have deep and complex flavors for a delightful and unique culinary experience!

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Harvested In House

Our mushrooms are harvested at the ideal freshness for longevity and flavor

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Packaged for Perfection

Our premium packaging preserves the freshness of the fungi so the flavor and texture are at their peak

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Lions Mane

This popular mushroom has a lobster-like flavor and texture and is great as a protein source or seafood substitute.  It's deep umami flavor ads a complexity to any dish for an earthy undertone.  Substitute for meat in creamy soups, or saute this delicate fungi in butter or oil to bring out the flaky texture.  It has a longer shelf life and can be refrigerated in the box for up to 15 days before it starts to brown but we recommend eating these tasty mushrooms as fresh as possible because the flavor may decline with age.  To prepare, gently separate the teeth/body of the mushroom into small chunks for a more even cook, or slice and saute for denser, heavier pieces.